Lisa Green

19?? – 2020

by Ana Elizondo

2020 found us losing a lot of friends and family. One of those losses was our dear sister, Lisa Green. Lisa was a great friend to me. She was a Sister, really. Lisa was a devout Mother to Stone and spent time and money making sure that the folks of The Escort Service had everything we needed to be comfortable in our backstage area. Lisa danced with Danse Macabre and shimmied with Jeremy’s Escort Service. She sang and washed with the Washer Women and gave us all things to smile and laugh about in Sacramento. Lisa was our friend, she was Stone’s Mother, and she was Faire. I will always miss robbing the Tea Shoppe with her, and our long conversations. There is a deep hole in our hearts and a missing butt at the table, though her place and setting will always be there.