Three Generations of Patterson Productions

Who We Are

Red Barn Productions and the Patterson family have redefined the concept of environmental theatre and innovated the performance technique of Theatrical Living History. Our evolving process began in 1961 when founders Ron and Phyllis Patterson, an art director and high school English teacher, began to see improvisational theatre as a new way to experience the “aliveness” of history and the arts. The development of our founder’s vision has resulted in decades of highly participatory, historically themed events, where artists, performers, and audience members improvise and engage as characters from other time periods. The lines between past and present, audience and performer, blur giving way to surprising, delightful, and even transformative experiences!

Named after the Red Barn Theatre at the Blackpoint Forest Renaissance Pleasure Faire site in Novato, California, Red Barn Productions continues the traditions of Theatrical Living History at all of it’s Fairs and events. We are proud of the rich legacy created by our family and the thousands of talented and dedicated individuals who have “joined the dance.”

Meet Our Team

The management team at Red Barn Productions includes the second and third generation of Patterson event producers, and dozens of talented and dedicated designers, directors, and event professionals.

Red Barn Productions team


The Red Barn Producers take a rare moment in the office trailer to reflect on the scale of the project they oversee annually. The Great Dickens Christmas Fair fills over 150,000 square feet of exhibition halls with “London in San Francisco” at the historic Cow Palace.

3 Generations of Patterson Family Events


In 2008, three generations of the Patterson family gathered in the studio of photographer Don Kellogg. Ron and Phyllis Patterson began their first themed events in Los Angeles in 1961. Nearly 60 years later, with the creation of the Renaissance Faire concept in America, the one and only Great Dickens Christmas Fair, and dozens of others, the Patterson family has opened more than 125 fairs and festivals, and welcomed over 1.2 million guests.
Red Barn Events Community


More than 800 performers take part annually in the Great Dickens Christmas Fair. All performers complete workshops in Theatrical Living History, characterization, dance, costuming, dialect, and more. All presented by the non profit Living History Centre.

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