A Cast of Thousands… of Talented Event Enthusiasts

Connecting a festive community of performers, crafters, and practitioners of theatrical living history.

The early Renaissance Pleasure Faires, birthed in 1963, seeded a community of people devoted to creative expression. Like ripples in a pond, we continue to feel that influence today. As our talented and dedicated community has been connecting and evolving for four generations, we have made lifelong friendships; started families; launched new businesses; and inspired each other to seek new heights in theatre, education, music, dance, and hand-crafts.

This page reflects the community values of Red Barn Productions, and is offered as a resource to all those who participate, or have participated, in our long history of events and gatherings. Please use and share in good health!

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion –
Red Barn Productions DEI Plan

At Red Barn Productions, we believe in equity as a way of life. Our art and our craft has always been based in the knowledge that joyous, creative encounters between people can truly change lives for the better. As a production company, we strive to use our voice and our resources in ways that create a positive impact on our audiences, our community of artists and artisans, and the larger society of which we are a part.

Knowing this, we seek to understand and expose oppression, to address historic injustices, and to transform harmful power dynamics through respect and honest communication. We actively endeavor to dismantle systemic bias by creating artistic and leadership opportunities for members of our diverse Bay Area performing community. We recognize that this work is ongoing, and we are committed to a creative process that honors the many facets of human experience. As RBP’s DEI plan takes shape, we will publish the concrete actions we are taking here. We invite you to check back for updates.

Dickens Fair – September Missive #1

August 27 RBP Progress Report

Dickens Fair – August Missive

Dickens Fair – July Missive

July 7 RBP Progress Report

June 2 RBP Progress Report

May 18 RBP Progress Report

Mother’s Day Missive from Kevin Patterson

May 1 RBP Progress Report

Anti-Racism Statement from Red Barn Executive Director Kevin Patterson

As a co-founder of Red Barn Productions and producer of The Great Dickens Christmas Fair and other immersive theatrical experiences, I wish to voice our clear and unwavering support for Black communities in condemning the killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and far too many others. Black Lives Matter.

Until recently, I had failed to fully grasp the ways in which the systemic racism in our culture also affected the Red Barn community. Through conversations with artists and artisans, I now understand that we are not immune to the toxins of racism and other forms of discrimination, and that it falls to me and to Red Barn’s artistic leadership to do the work necessary to create a culture that is antiracist, antisexist, and affirming to all.

As owner and manager, I take full responsibility for this and pledge to do the work necessary to improve personally and professionally. I am humbled by the bravery and dedication of the BIPOC cast members who have cared enough about the event to ask tough questions. Only when every member of every Red Barn Production is treated with equality and respect will we be able to present our art in a true spirit of community and human celebration.

We recognize that anti-racist work requires action throughout all parts of our community. The work of deepening our anti-racist education must be combined with purposeful specific changes to promote racial equity within our entire organization. That is what we offer here: an intention to gather, build, and act on a clear anti-racist agenda, now and going forward.

– Kevin Patterson, Executive Director

Social Justice Resources

Recent events call upon us as artists to dispense with “good enough” and reimagine our institutions, our communities, and our economic systems through the lens of genuine equality. As Red Barn Productions works to formulate a plan of action with and for our participants, we offer these resources for valuable information, trainings, and thought leadership. Please donate, educate, and participate:

    • NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund: The legal arm of this national anti-racism nonprofit. Please consider donating to their legal defense fund.
    • Americans for the Arts: This national organization’s “Cultural Equity” website page offers tools and templates to assist with cultural equity in the arts, as well as reports and equity training consultants.
    • Showing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ):  SURJ is a national justice organization with a specific Bay Area division; it holds Action Hours every Monday and Friday to train Bay Area residents in collective political action.
    • Shuumi Land Tax: A voluntary annual contribution that non-Indigenous people living on the Confederated Villages of Lisjan’s (Ohlone) territory can make to support the critical work of the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust.
    • List of Anti-Racism Resources: A collection of resources for those just beginning their personal anti-racism journey. Check back for new additions!


Arts Community COVID-19 Resources

The impact of COVID-19 on the arts, and on every individual whose life and livelihood is connected to the arts, has been profound. If you are in need, we encourage you to connect with these and related organizations who are attempting to help:

Participant Arts Resources

This evolving list provides links to sister organizations doing the work of teaching and sharing the fruits of our larger creative community.

  • Lark Camp: An annual event where musicians, singers, and dancers learn traditional styles from all over the world.
  • PEERS: The Period Events & Entertainments Re-Creation Society, Inc., which celebrates “…entertainment as something for people to do rather than watch.”
  • Idyllwild Arts Summer Program: Online programs for artists of all ages. This is where our founders, Ron and Phyllis Patterson, taught in the 1960s!
  • The Living History Centre: Research nonprofit that maintains an in-depth library and archive, offers classes and workshops on historical life and performance, and conducts informational exchanges with international history sites.
  • Tributes: Celebrating community members who have passed.