Celebrating Community Members Who Have Passed

This page is intended to be a place where we may gain a deeper understanding of the loved ones honored here and to help keep them alive in the hearts and lore of our community. In this way, we wish to honor their effect on all our lives and creative endeavors.

This page is constantly evolving, as are the individual tributes. We are always glad to receive new or more-accurate information as well as new tributes you may want to suggest. Please email to [email protected]

In this place, this sacred space, we gather to recall those here enshrined.
They are our kith and kin, who in their time gave this, our shared community, its life.
Some strutted, pranced, or preened upon life’s stage, some moved in grace and beauty.
Others toiled in commerce, or in art, yet others shone in simple service
To the ambience of times gone by, where history lives.
In magic moments, made in our communion of celebration and delight, they joined.
A family of more than blood was forged; we join with them, and share a legacy
Of love and rich reward in time well spent, invested in timeless, priceless memory.
Read here the tales of generations, of friends and fellows, loved ones all,
Who made their contributions to the alchemy of golden past and present in continuum.

~Diana Young-Peak

…and Hal Cox, Mercy Golsarry, Tim McMillan, and Wayne (Fingers) Donald McIntosh Jr.

These are the members of our Dickens Christmas Fair community who have passed in 2020 and 2021. We will continue to add to this Tributes page going forward as we receive names, photos and remembrances.

For those who have passed in previous years, or are part of our larger Renaissance Faire legacy, we encourage you to visit the SkyFaire page on Facebook. As of January 1, 2021, there are over 2,000 of “us” dancing, singing, and playing their part at “Sky Faire.” We honor each and every one of them. In the words of our co-founder, Phyllis Patterson, and creator of the art form called “Faire,” all of us who play a part are celebrating “the aliveness of history.” Huzzah!

Photo of ancient oak in the small town of Foolow, England, by Kevin Patterson, copyright 2017.
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